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low evergreen shrub of high north temperate regions of Europe and Asia and America bearing red edible berries

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In the Lower Silesia Forest snow cover is usually low (a few cm) and lasting for a maximum of 40 days, therefore cowberries and shoots of blueberry and cowberry are available throughout the winter.
Onto the plants: as far as I am aware the following fruits are fine with shade: Morello cherries - I remember they were recommended for the north-facing walls of walled gardens; Rhubarb doesn''''t mind the shade, most currants are happy with shade, autumn-fruiting raspberries (eg autumn Bliss), Tayberries and Logan berries, I also grow Bilberries, Cowberries (Lingonberries) and Blueberries in partial shade here.
In the explanatory note to the Combined Nomenclature of the EU in 2011, merisor is the Romanian equivalent for the English version: "cowberries, foxberries or mountain cranberries (fruit of the species Vaccinium vitis idea)", with the French version: airelles, Italian version mirtilli rossi.
In a good year (which this is unlikely to be), the forests are abundant with blueberries and red cowberries. Few Swedes are now up for the hard work of picking, yet demand is rising.
llygaid aeron", ond dan "llygaid (yr) aeron" yr ystyr a roddir yw "cranberries, cowberries neu whortleberries".