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a bell hung around the neck of cow so that the cow can be easily located

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Garrison Wynn, author of "The Real Truth About Success" and "The Cowbell Principle," is the closing keynote speaker for the 2018 NTCA Regional Conferences.
However, when the rules for ringing cowbells are not followed, the university faces fines from the SEC that increase for each violation.
The expected elements are there - the cowbells, wistful horns and lush strings - but an insistent sense of threatening doom adds drama and tension.
They include, the cowbell expert; and Conductrus, a web-based field service management application specifically designed to enable small businesses to demonstrate compliance.
The cowbells will begin arriving about (checks his watch), Oct.
The hundreds of different-sized cowbells, the embossed metal handicrafts and woven wall panels from India give a hint of old-world charm.
Singer James Murphy even chimes in with some drumming of cowbells and cymbals.
Not even a mountain of snow, or the clanging of Austrian cowbells, would make it look like the real thing.
More than 150,000 fans packed the streets of downtown Vancouver while the sounds of cowbells and woodpeckers provided the perfect backing vocals for the party atmosphere in the Whistler mountains.
Readers are introduced to the "smoke concert" (a rural social gathering attended by men) and the "Taranaki violin" (the sound of cowbells), and learn what it is to "watch the grass grow" (to occupy but not actively farm a piece of land.
Did I become a success because of frizzy Afros, Roman candles, cowbells and deadheading?
Megaphones, cowbells and keyboards give them their distinctive electro-rock sound and singers and drummers wandering around stage with pink feather boas tucked into jeans give them a surrealism that can only be described as enthralling.
The lonesome sounds of whistling wind, cowbells, church bells, and chimes suggested an austere pastoral life, warmed by the scratchy tones of vintage Japanese pop.
of bread pans he uses for cowbells as passersby pitch change into a