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Synonyms for coward

Synonyms for coward

an ignoble, uncourageous person

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English dramatist and actor and composer noted for his witty and sophisticated comedies (1899-1973)

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Kamo-tah is dead and cannot speak for thee, and I know only what I know, and I must know thee of my own eyes for no coward.
They skipped Raila's swearing-in on January 30, showing they are cowards.
With time and methodical practice I am now capable of isolating these innovators from the kill- the-idea cowards.
A traditional belief holds that cowards are most likely found lurking in the tail end of an advancing army.
If you were following my columns last spring, this is the last piece to the series of articles that included what I called killer cowards, what I called contributor cowards, why physical, emotional and financial bullies make life miserable for the rest of us and ruin the cohesiveness of a just society and why gun safety is a not a mountain but a mole-hill to resolve.
Career coach Katy Piotrowski brings her expertise to JIST's brand-new Career Cowards series to help readers sell their qualifications without "bragging," develop courageous responses to tough questions, and have the courage to ask for a better salary offer.
So now Karl Rove is calling Democrats and liberals cowards for their reaction after 9-11.
So it is with Cowards Bend the Knee, 2003, his first foray into installation art.
A KENILWORTH theatre is on the lookout for cowards for its next production.
NASA co-principals Musalia Mudavadi and Moses Wetangula are cowards, Cabinet Secretary nominee for Devolution Eugene Wamalwa has said.
As you may recall in a previous article, I categorized contributor cowards (bullies) as people who take advantage of others, particularly those who rape, abuse, marginalize or exclude others, even in the slightest way.
Simply put: Those who kill innocent people are cowards.
So said one Nic Coward, in an address to the British Horseracing Conference this year.