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a piece of dried bovine dung

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"We will use the soil that was extracted after digging out ponds, collect stones found in this plot of land and cow-dung to construct a house within this farm," Vrinda said on her plans of making her home in the organic farm situated in Nadiad.
solani followed by cow-curd, cow-dung+ cow-urine (1:1) , cow-curd, cow-dung, cow-dung+ cow-urine (2:1), cow-ghee, cow-milk.
When medium was amended with cow-dung 64, 47.1 and 29.8 per cent inhibition was reported after 2, 3 and 4 days of incubation respectively (20).
Slurry of cow-dung, and paddy field soil were made in the Baker's medium (1g/10ml) under anaerobic conditions and used supernatant as inoculum.
As methane production stopped in first re-culturing, further enrichment of the cow-dung culture was not done.
* Bacterial strain found in cow-dung is not able to grow on vegetable substrate.
Owls with a refurbished cow-dung decor, however, averaged ten times as many beetle meals during the test.
Summary: Ahmedabad (Gujarat) [India], May 24 (ANI): Coating our sedan with cow-dung for braving the scorching summer heat might not be a feasible proposition for most of us, but a housewife in Ahmedabad has done it as she claims it keeps her car cool even without air-conditioning.
Sejal Shah's Toyota Altis became an internet sensation soon after its photos went viral- thanks to the thick coat of cow-dung all over it.
On this day, people clean out their homes and collect all unwanted goods, which are then thrown into a fire made of wood and cow-dung cakes.