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a bell hung around the neck of cow so that the cow can be easily located

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The composer organizes his instruments into a three-group configuration--one group comprised of metals, another of membranes, and a third with mixed sonorities of cow bell, snare drum, and wood drum, thus enhancing the contrapuntal writing by using timbre to delineate the individual lines.
"And as for the Swiss cow bell that's been fantastic at helping me round the dogs up every night and where else but at a car boot sale would I have found something like that ?"
Garrison Wynn is the author of The REAL Truth About Success and The Cow Bell Principle.
Throw in a bit of big band, an electric sitar and - honestly - a cow bell and you've got one of the most exciting records of 2009.
Excellent single Sister Saviour sounded great in the warehouse-like Academy and the band's use of a cow bell and early 90s rave dancing was a joy to watch.
The percussive deluge of On Board - complete with a Saturday Night Live-esque cow bell solo - inspires mass chanting of the song's refrain, while early B-side Your Love - early technical difficulties aside - is Candy Staton all over.
The greatest sportsman who ever strode this planet, my all-time sporting hero, a 20th century icon, slumped in the corner of a Nassau boxing ring while a tinny cow bell - the bungling promoters had forgotten to provide a proper timekeeper's instrument - signalled the end of the most remarkable boxing career in history.
Dogged determination and counting-through-gritted-teeth saw the Conservatoire's Contemporary Music Ensemble through John Adam's complex Chamber Symphony, the initial settling down period helped along by the relentless 'tock' of a cow bell.
'I get to play a lot of guitar with Otra Vez, whereas with Como No it's cow bell, clave and a bit of guitar!'
Only bird song and the occasional clank of a cow bell break the peace.
There he was presented with an enormous cow bell to take back to his Highgrove farm.
With the mountain path crowded with cheering supporters and the sound of cow bells, it is like the Alpe d'Huez stage of the Tour de France - without the bikes.
Apart from its natural beauty, lip-smacking chocolate and world-renowned watches, Switzerland is also a land of deep-rooted culture and traditions, symbolised by its quintessentially charming cow bells, homemade cheese and fine embroidery.