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an intelligence operation so planned as to permit plausible denial by the sponsor

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America today: "After Tiller" (late-term abortions), "Best Kept Secret" (education), "Blackfish" (captive whales), "Dirty Wars" (covert ops), "Gideon's Army" (public defenders), "Letters to Jackie" (Bill Couturie, letters of sympathy after JFK's shooting), "Mumia: Long Distance Revolutionary" (notorious political prisoner), "The Unknown Known" (Donald Rumsfeld, exposed), "Valentino's Ghost" (U.S.
However, covert ops were the unit's essential mandate and deniability was built into it and it reads, "The proposed organization (TSD) will enable the military intelligence directorate to provide a quick response to any act of state-sponsored terrorism with a high degree of deniability."
Miami, FL, February 07, 2013 --( Last year, international adventure company Incredible Adventures introduced a four-day military training adventure with former Israeli Special Forces operative Garret Machine under its Covert Ops brand.
"The Proxy Assassin" is the third entry into John Knoerle's Hal Schroeder spy series, this time following Hal as he gets involved with anti-Communists guerillas in Romanian for covert ops, facing the battle he has to fight as well as the allure of a Romanian princess.
There is also an extended cameo from another legend in the genre as mercenaries pop up like it was some kind of convention rather than covert ops.
"Resurrected" is a thriller following former covert ops agent Adam Wolf as he tries to blend back into normal life at the age of sixty.
The only thing missing here is an opportunity for Caputo to use one of Smart's two famous phrases - "I missed it by THAT much!" But he does get to say "Would you believe?" on several occasions, and most of the TV show's trademark props and gimmicks are present, including the indispensable shoe phone and conducting covert ops from a trash can.
These are covert ops designed to give the impression they are carried out by someone else.
Stop running 'covert ops' in every nation of the world (as Obama's 'special envoy' Richard Holbrooke admitted last week) - murders, kidnappings, corruption and deception that make a howling mockery of the very 'civilised values' these wars and ops purport to defend."
Military sources said two squadrons of the elite SAS will soon head covert ops in Afghanistan.
His first response to Rather's Afghanistan report is to double the covert ops budget to $10 million.
He's a veteran of Vietnam and covert ops in Southeast Asia.
I'm on covert ops' will be whispered over the muesli and low-fat yoghurt.
Covert ops consisted of political action to divide Allende's coalition; massive propaganda operations aimed at disrupting the economy and discrediting the government; covert funding of opposition political parties, including those agitating for a coup; and contacts with the Chilean military.
One of the best of these is Tom Clancy's 's Rainbow Six series, including the most recent installment, Covert Ops.