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an intelligence operation so planned as to permit plausible denial by the sponsor

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Carson's main thesis is that escalation control and a shared desire to limit war can motivate covert intervention up front, collusion by major powers that detect it, and official non-acknowledgment if it is widely exposed (pg.
Exposure involves publicly revealing evidence that a covert intervention is underway and/or publicly validating allegations by others while collusion is the simple act of staying silent (pg.
A covert intervention of Black should be one of which the agent has no awareness at all.
This covert intervention preserved the fiction of the nonintervention pledge, albeit President Eisenhower readily admitted in his memoirs that he supplied U.S.
Bush's "War on Terror" in the context of US military and covert interventions into other countries' affairs consistently engaged in by the government since long before the Bush presidency.
The tactics were the same, the mindset was the same, and in many cases the people who directed those covert interventions were the same."
For most of this past week, the dollar was stuck in the 117 yen range as yen bulls were restrained by jitters over possible BOJ interventions, or probably because of covert interventions of a minor magnitude, the traders said.
Japan used a total of 628.9 billion yen to intervene in the foreign exchange market from May 29 through June 26, the Finance Ministry said Monday, confirming speculation about covert interventions aimed at stemming the yen's strength.
Dealers said the market believes the central bank is continuing the covert interventions this month.
dollar was trapped around the lower end of the 117 yen level Thursday morning in Tokyo, as rumors hounded the market that the Bank of Japan (BOJ) has been conducting covert interventions to buttress the dollar.
The rumors about the BOJ's covert interventions started during Tuesday's trading in New York, when the dollar stopped its decline at 117.00 yen due to a rush of buying orders from Tokyo.
''The authorities have been very adept at covert interventions so far, and there is a suspicion they could start moving again,'' he said.
''The revelation regarding the covert interventions has made us wary of selling off the dollar,'' said Masuda.
The Finance Ministry said Friday last week that it sold 700 billion yen in the market since the middle of January, confirming market suspicions that covert interventions had been carried out to support the dollar.