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a loose-fitting protective garment that is worn over other clothing

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Of 700 sailors polled, 89 ( percent said they preferred the new coveralls. 
The focus of the effort was to identify alternative fabrics for incorporation into a coverall design and to improve protection against falling molten metal, improve durability to extend wear life and to enhance comfort through fabric selection with regard to improved breathability, flexibility and other human factor considerations.
While the coveralls were not ideal, the idea to make a better version stayed at the back of her mind for many more years.
I rose to my knees and hooked the coveralls at the collar behind me onto a doorknob and threw myself forward, tearing the fabric just as the door came bouncing off its hinges on top of me.
The coveralls available from 3M offer a range of features, from breathable panels for increased comfort, to specialist fabric treatments for increased alcohol and oil resistance.
So if you feel a little tug on the back of your coveralls at the end of the mission, reach back and make sure the safety pin is pushed in all the way.
According to the company, Kimtech Pure A5 (non-sterile) Coveralls are a high-quality, affordable solution for many cleanroom needs.
All three were wearing paint-laden coveralls, and none had eye or respiratory protection.
Named after company founder Hamilton Carhartt, who began making durable coveralls for railroad engineers in 1889, the Hamilton Carhartt Retailer of Excellence Award is Carhartt's top recognition of retail excellence.
Olive Hill, KY, is being awarded a maximum $5,995,840.00 firm fixed price contract for combat vehicle crewman's tan coveralls. Three proposals were originally solicited with two responses.
They were found wearing just coveralls and plastic sheeting over their shoes and had none of the protective equipment that could have prevented their deaths, even though the company had been cited by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration for safety violations last year.
These initiatives include NOMEX uniforms for Soldiers in convoy operations, flame-resistant coveralls for Soldiers operating combat vehicles, a fire-resistant combat shirt to be worn under the interceptor body armor, and a fire-resistant Army combat uniform (ACU).
Suspended over the stage as the dancers, costumed in mechanics' coveralls, enter tiptoeing, it Inns the elegant sweep of an airplane wing.
Figure out which colors you want where, put on your coveralls, and break out the rollers.