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a recording of a song that was first recorded or made popular by somebody else

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And in truth, sometimes I am excessive, though I try to express my excess in ways that are easy to ignore--for example, recording ukulele cover tunes for people.
The one cover tune on the album, "Loosin' Ground," is by Rainer Ptacek, a Tuscon musician who died from brain cancer in 1997.
When asked how they win the confidence of the audience at live performances Sri said, "We usually start our sets with cover tunes and then move on to deliver some of our original tracks.
Wednesday, June 19: School of Rock (The School of Rock Libertyville's House Band cranks out fun, popular cover tunes)
This writer distinctly remembers a New Year's concert that took place in Clifton in the early '90s at which Ali exhibited his vocal range by singing cover tunes as varied as INXS's Need You Tonight and George Michael's Faith.
"It will be a real mix of comedy and some great tunes, some cover tunes, and mash ups."
The new CD, "Dreams Coming Round," will contain dance tunes along some reggae tunes and some original takes on cover tunes.
South Carolina natives Sam Beam (aka Iron & Wine) and Band Of Horses head honcho Bridwell cover tunes essential to their development.
Touchstone primarily consists of cover tunes such as the jazz standards "Devil May Care," "All the Things You Are"and "When I Fall in Love." Including these classics is a cagey move, as they provide the perfect forum for Pocock to showcase her vocals and piano playing.
I just don't think you and I would be having this conversation right now, because I would probably be a bar singer doing cover tunes," Carlile says with a laugh.
Half of the songs on Tell 'Em I'm Gone are cover tunes, many of them hard-driving blues standards united by a theme of freedom from oppression.
Soundgarden: "Echo Of Miles: Scattered Tracks Across The Path'' (A&M/Ume) -- The unreleased originals, cover tunes, remixes and instrumentals that make up this three-disc set may not be Soundgarden at its best, but core fans will find enough to want this collection.
50 (Spotlight, Walk of Fame) "Sons of Anarchy" star Katey Sagal's third and most recent album, it's a collection of cover tunes, and also contains a duet with Jackson Browne.
For the more eccentric at heart, Timber @ Arts House is the hotspot to enjoy original and cover tunes by local budding musicians.