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a recording of a song that was first recorded or made popular by somebody else

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The highest decrease in coral cover recorded over the 23-year period was between 2008 and 2011 as tourist arrivals rose by 38.4 percent.According to the study, unmonitored snorkelling and diving activities in coral rich areas have contributed to damage sustained by corals.It also has poor water quality level that consequently results in frequent algal blooms and coral reef deterioration due to direct discharge of untreated waste water near the shore,
However, this was inserted into the 1958 legislation to cover records of British embassies and high commissions, not those of colonial governments.
They cover records and archives: concepts, roles, and definitions; archival appraisal: practicing on shifting sands; arrangement and description: between theory and practice; ethics for archivists and records managers; archives, memories, and identities; the impact of philosophy on archives and records management; and whether technological change marginalizes recordkeeping theory.
In both 2010 and 2011, all species in the quadrats were identified and their percent cover recorded. Recorded species included A.
Two individuals did not move at all during the peak snow cover recorded on Jan.
Items on show at the Academy of Arts include home-made record sleeves and fanzines, records made on x-ray and technical drawing films, Beatles cover records by Soviet bands from 1970, and an LP by famous Soviet singer Aida Vedishcheva on which she performs I Believe by G Harrison (actually the Beatles' Something).
The 17 chapters cover records relating to complementary and alternative medicine, dentistry, home care, independent medical examination, offices, ophthalmology, emergency medical services, emergency departments, critical care, diagnostic testing, intravenous therapy, long-term care, medical surgical fields, medication, nursing, obstetrics, orthopedics, pain assessment and management, pediatrics, perioperative aspects, physician documentation, psychiatry, rehabilitation, and skin trauma, by specialists in the respective fields who also provide overviews and background information on the areas.
Albania is one of the worst-hit nations, having lost half of the forest cover recorded in 1990.
Although the Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002 standardized financial and related business records that public companies must retain, it does not cover records that document the R&D process or the resulting intellectual capital.
But in a twist to the tale, renewed interest in the Leonard Cohen song has seen demand for Buckley's classic cover recorded in 1994, gather pace.
You know them: that pure, Irish, boyband who never do ballads or never cover records and that formula has earned them 34 million record sales.
According to the observations, melting in 2005 began a record 17 days earlier than usual, with 20 percent less sea ice cover recorded in September than the average end-of-summer ice pack cover measurements recorded since 1978: Average air temperatures across most of the Arctic region from January to August 2005 were as much as three degrees C warmer than normal over the last 50 years, according to the team of researchers from two universities and NASA.
It has been updated and expanded since then, most recently in 1996, when Congress extended the FOIA to cover records stored in electronic form.
Roger Easterby, the personal assistant to Tote chairman Peter Jones, has a popular weekly programme on the station where he plays hits and cover records of the 50's.