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a very pretty girl who works as a photographer's model

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Cover Girl is the beauty industry leader on social media sites Facebook and Twitter, and it mainly has to do with the relationship we are creating with consumers online.
We are proud of our innovation pipeline on Cover Girl and know we have ideas and products that will be highly incremental to category growth because they either resolve needs that have not been solved yet or make it easier to get a better experience from the products.
Allure's cover girl Amber Valetta and pal Selma Blair wore red and pink silk fancy frocks, respectively.
After the surf-and-turf dinner ended and the drinking and dancing began, ``ER's'' Julianna Margulies, ``NYPD Blue'' gals Charlotte Ross and Garcelle Beauvais and a much blonder ``CSI'' star Marg Helgenberger made the rounds while Debra Messing, Allure's upcoming October cover girl, giggled with Ross and Stamos.
The third model in the Cover Girl stable is Tyra Banks, whose ads run in general market publications as well as in ethnic magazines.
Christensen's appeal for the company is that she's not only known among teens, but also has a broad following among women in their late 20s and early 30s - a group that Cover Girl wants to keep within its franchise.
Both Cover Girl and Maybelline are also looking to latch onto new faces - not just to broaden their pool, but to sign up promising talent when it's available.
P&G's Cover Girl makeup line is doing record business in terms of consumption.
The Cover Girl brand is composed of over 500 cosmetics and skin care products, and it has been used by more than 80% of women in the U.
Last spring Cover Girl introduced a liquid powder, which is already ranked second in sales behind only Cover Girl makeup.
This year Cover Girl has unveiled a fragrance-free line.
At the same time, Cover Girl has launched a straight brush version of its professional mascara and three shades of invisible concealer formulated for women of color.
Cover Girl has deliberately chosen to offer line extensions rather than establishing separate brands.