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the child of your aunt or uncle

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The 200-year-old society handpicks members for being superrich or aristocracy - Cameron is fifth cousin twice removed from the Queen.
It had to be a third cousin twice removed to make it fly.''
You may remember the cousin-actually a cousin twice removed, removed the first time to Leavenworth, the second time to Sing Sing--who was released from the latter institution a few days before Christmas and stopped off in New York City to pick up a few gifts for the folks back home.
Philip Kaye, Mr Copley's first cousin twice removed, carried out a lot of research into their family history and lobbied Kirklees Council for a permanent recognition for his ancestor.
The 200-year-old society handpicks members for being super-rich or aristocracy - Cameron is fifth cousin twice removed from the Queen.
A pub called The Treaty in the little Tweedside village of Birgham - my second cousin twice removed lived and died there - was saved from closure by a consortium of villagers and has reopened under its old name, the Fisherman's Arms.
Benny Hill's second cousin twice removed (really) played Flick Scully in Neighbours until 2002.
My brother's wife's second cousin twice removed went in for a gallstone op and came out with one leg shorter than the other!'
No wonder the fifth cousin twice removed of the Queen tries so terribly hard to pose as Dave Of The People.
If you are descended from a long-established West Wales farming family I can save you a bit of research time - I'm probably your sixth cousin twice removed.
Hearts fans were being forced to endure a miserable night as a distant cousin twice removed of Hurricane Ivan blew through Edinburgh, dumping its drizzle on the lush Murrayfield turf.
But like relatives defending their sinister - sometimes aggressive - cousin twice removed, the attack on the media was admirable in its intent, but ultimately wide of the mark in reality.
So, even if it is technically allowed by those rules they concoct for each other, they shouldn't use their dining rooms as surgeries or set up trust funds for their children, partners or their second cousin twice removed - or at least not at the taxpayers' expense.