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a man who is a native or inhabitant of Cornwall

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When he is noticed, it is to be teased and bullied, even by his cousin Jack, who used to be his friend.
Indeed, her cousin Jack enjoys still needling her that she's not among the ranks of licensed professionals, despite the fact that she and Dan successfully pulled off what no professional could, busting a big case that had stymied police.
While a huge copper mine exists in East Malaysia, I never met a 'Cousin Jack'--as emigrant tin miners were called by their Cornish relatives--there.
Businessman Jack Hidary--whose cousin Jack and his sons Abe, Eddie and Steven run the Manhattan-based development and acquisitions company Hidrock Realty--is running for mayor on an independent ticket, or what he calls the "Jobs and Education Party."
Joanne Wall Waylett: My cousin Jack had a convertible and he would take us down PCH with the top down.
McElheran, then from Ballinlea Road, Stranocum, was unanimously acquitted of four charges of indecent assault by the same Antrim Crown Court jury that convicted his cousin Jack in October, 2009.
As a child, James, who was better know as Jim, would visit his cousin Jack Casey, who would later become comedian Eli Woods.
We've looked into the backgrounds of some of the outspoken extremist groups and found that many of their grassroots members have no idea that their leaders are out banning "cousin Jack's" fishing or hunting.
Savina Rice, 11 and her 13-year-old cousin Jack should have flown out on Friday.
In addition to Tom and Jake you can expect to see Toby and Ollie riding in points this season, while their cousin Jack, 21, son of former rider Johnny Greenall, is keen to make his debut in the sport.
There's gorgeous mesmerising distant cousin Jack Winter, he of the angel looks, celestial blue eyes, the ruffled golden locks and the heavenly smell, who has inherited the title and gets Sophy's heart in a flutter.
He and cousin Jack had their stalls up side by side, Jack selling lino -or putty,as they called it -and Dennis selling chinaware.
Earlier O'Shea showed off his Premiership winners medal at at St Declan's Primary School where he was presented with a trophy from his young cousin Jack O'Shea.
If you can take any more of this, a report into the death of Tommy Trinder's cousin Jack showed that the man who stabbed him to death, a mental patient with a long history of violence, had four weeks previously been found in possession of a knife but was nevertheless released on bail.