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a member of the Muskhogean people formerly living in northern Alabama

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the Muskhogean language spoken by the Koasati

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An anthropologist testified at trial that many Southeastern Indian tribes traditionally wore their hair long and believed that hair was sacred, but he could not speak about the Alabama Coushatta Tribe specifically because tribal members did not talk to outsiders about their beliefs and rituals.
Shuck-Hall (history, Christopher Newport U.) has written a narrative that follows the Alabama and the Coushatta Indians from their origins in the American southeast to their eventual 19th century settlement in East Texas.
In 2002, Abramoff directed the Louisiana Coushatta to reissue a $10,000 check made out to yet another DeLay PAC to America 21.
Tom DeLay, R-Texas, sent [the memo to] the Coushatta Tribe of Louisiana to describe his strategy for protecting the tribe's gambling business." The memo read: The wackos get their information through the Christian right, Christian radio, mail, the Internet and telephone trees,...
Davis, of Coushatta, Louisiana, has been suspended during an investigation by the Red River Elementary School board.
In June 2003, Abramoff persuaded Majority Leader Tom DeLay to organize a letter, cosigned by Speaker Hastert, Whip Roy Blunt, and Deputy Whip Eric Cantor, that endorsed a view of gambling law benefiting Abramoff's client, the Louisiana Coushatta, by blocking gambling competition by another tribe.
One tribe, the Coushatta of Louisiana, gave Scanlon "and related entities" more than $30 million, according to the article.
Roy Fletcher, spokesman for the Coushatta tribe of Louisiana's pro-casino faction, which retained Abramoff, says the tribe is investigating whether it got what it paid for.
The mill said it is closing its Dixie and Dunson plants in LaGrange, Ga.; the Fairfax Greige Plant in Valley, Ala.; and the Coushatta Plant in Coushatta, La.
(3) But it is also true that Louisiana experienced some of the Reconstruction era's worst reactionary violence, and any study of the Republicans' failure in the state would he incomplete without a discussion of the legendary street battles and race riots that took place in New Orleans, as well as the politically and racially motivated massacres that occurred in smaller towns such as Colfax and Coushatta. (4)