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the system of law courts that administer justice and constitute the judicial branch of government

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Predicting the Federal Court System's Response 2308
The court system has a variety of methods for managing this
many internal buffers developed by the federal court system over the
the court system's overall autonomy and leaving it less susceptible
While it was not "convinced of the case for devolving the court system or creating a Welsh judiciary and legal profession at present" it argued that "given the emergence of a distinct body of Welsh law that will need to be adequately administered, a separate Welsh courts system and a separate Welsh judiciary is something that must be contemplated in the future."
court systems when they begin to assist the unrepresented public.
Thus, to varying degrees, many courts and court systems have promulgated
Most state court systems have promulgated state-wide uniform forms.
The group faces huge challenges, she noted, since goals including linking court system computers around the state, which means that computers in one court or circuit can communicate with those in another county and circuit.
As a result, a critical objective of your study should be to maintain and enhance the court system to permit efficient and impartial resolution of tax disputes.
This merger marries JSI's court case management and electronic payments capabilities with the receivables workflow and payment follow-up automation of Ontario Systems, creating a closed loop payment and enterprise workflow solution for state and local court systems, including prosecutors and public defender offices.
is a provider of court case management, prosecutor and public defender case management, and electronic payments software to state and municipal court systems. JSI's key products include Full Court Enterprise, Full Case, and CitePayUSA.
The second arm of the criminal justice process is the court system. It is the responsibility of the courts to evaluate evidence and present a finding as to whether a person is innocent or guilty.
Other positions in the court system include court bailiffs, grand jury bailiffs, and investigators of the district attorney or county attorney's office.
Employment within the court system is available at the municipal, county, state, and federal levels.