Star Chamber

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a former English court that became notorious for its arbitrary methods and severe punishments

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368, 414 (1979) (Blackmun, J., dissenting) (noting not "'even one such secret criminal trial in England since abolition of the Court of Star Chamber in 1641.'" (quoting In re Oliver, 333 U.S.
They date back to the Magna Carta in 1215 and not since 1641 and the abolition of the feared Court of Star Chamber, used by monarchs for political ends up until the civil war, have citizens been tried for serious criminal offences in the absence of a jury.
She reminds us that coverture was not applied to misdemeanours and exploits the records of the Court of Star Chamber to explore the involvement of families, and especially married women, in the misdemeanours of forcible entry, detainer, and disseisin.
Unabashed at this abrupt termination of his legal studies, he joined in a similar escapade there a year later, bringing upon himself a prosecution in the infamous Court of Star Chamber.