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Equity cases in the Court of Exchequer, 1660 to 1714.
common law Court of Exchequer on appeal, and the court's head,
A writ of error, a proceeding in the nature of an appeal, lay from Common Pleas to King's Bench, and from King's Bench, in turn, to the Court of Exchequer Chamber or the House of Lords.
For instance, the author explains that the British Court of Exchequer kept records on wooden tally sticks, but he doesn't tell what happened when the government ended the practice and tried to get rid of the sticks in 1834: the tally stick bonfire got out of control and burned down Parliament.
Jordan's analysis of the tribute issue offers perhaps the most richly-layered engagement with political discourse in the book, drawing on Scripture, Aquinas, Erasmus, James I, William Fulbecke, and Barnabe Barnes, as well as on a customs case in the court of Exchequer.
Furthermore, what was the significance of the decision not to terminate the customary introduction of the Lord Mayor to the Judges of the Court of Exchequer at Westminster when the passing of the Judicature Act earlier that year had rendered that traditional rite meaningless?