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a system of jurisprudence based on judicial precedents rather than statutory laws

(civil law) a law established by following earlier judicial decisions

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The news agency said that the full bench of the supreme court would convene on Wednesday to "examine the issue that has arisen pertaining to personal data in relation to court decisions."
Board Chairman Mark Gaston Pearce said the Board is reviewing the court decision and considering its response.
After all, if the principle is that an amendment of the Constitution prevails over a Supreme Court decision, why shouldn't that principle apply just as much when the amendment was enacted before the Court decision as when the amendment is enacted after a Court decision?
* Keep an eye out for additional legislation, court decisions or changes in IRS policy that might resolve remaining inequities in the treatment of damage awards and related legal fees.
The court decision is especially critical to reporters and editors like Matthew Lee, whose non-profit organization includes cutting-edge advocacy, reporting, and organizing in the fields of community reinvestment, fair access to credit, insurance, telecommunications, environmental justice, and government and corporate human rights accountability--on a global scale.
Land Supreme Court decision is clearly a victory of sorts for insurers who are defrauded by insureds on claims, the industry would be well advised to recognize the emergence of a court that will not hesitate to presume legislative intent in a statute and to legislate from the bench to suit its purposes.
The book provides a richly detailed ethnographic account of a court decision, the backlash against the decision, the legislative response to the issues ordered in the case, the political compromise of civil unions, and how this compromise both addresses and avoids the locus of social change.
The Supreme Court decision overturned a British Columbia Court of Appeal judgment that in December, 2003 applied a doctrine of "charitable immunity" to exempt churches from any liability.
Instead, he said, the denial is just the court exercising its discretionary right not to review a lower court decision.
Three years later, environmentalists won a court decision ordering the U.S.
The state appellate court ruled, however, that subjecting the out-of-state parent company to lawsuits simply because it has ownership in the in-state subsidiary was unreasonable, thus reversing a lower court decision.
Similar cases were presented before the courts in Quebec and Ontario, the results being very different from that of the BC court decision.
Furthermore, the eight associate justices of the Alabama Supreme Court unanimously ordered compliance with the federal court decision. "Roy's Rock" (as it had come to be called) was finally hauled from public view by an out-of-state moving company on August 27, 2003.
Supreme Court decision sets a "high burden" of proof that states must meet in order to prove fraud in charitable solicitations.
Board of Education, the landmark Supreme Court decision that outlawed public-school segregation, American schools are segregating again.