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work assigned to and done by a student during a course of study

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University of Eldoret Vice-Chancellor Teresa Akenga said the institution has implemented the directive by CUE.We have already implemented [it] such that all our PhD students take course work, Prof Akenga said.
So to all those handing in course work - it has been worth it, and you will remember that work when what you learn the night before the exam has long faded.
Again, the course work is stimulating and has made me think in new ways.
"My children went to the Westwood School and they went in the holidays to finish course work.
Fifty-seven students at a urban Midwestern university enrolled in course work leading to professional degrees in education participated in the study, with 37 students enrolled in a statistics course compared to 20 students in other education courses on measures of course anxiety and academic self-efficacy.
Although I can only speak for the personnel preparation programs in teaching students with visual impairments and O&M at Florida State University (FSU), others are meeting the same challenge of incorporating CVI content into course work through lectures, assigned readings, guest lectures, assignments, and practicum experiences.
They can plug the device into the USB hub of any computer to access their course work and pick up where they left off, creating a highly customized and personal computing device.
"The concern is that it not displace other course work."
Harbin wants to see the ROVER technology integrated into course work and training "sooner than later."
We want to develop in our students sensitivity to the needs of others, particularly the poor, through course work and service opportunities sponsored by and for students." (La Salle University 2005a).
Continuing education, internal course work and observation are all ways to stay ahead and anticipate trends.
While the students didn't earn credit for the course work, they and Allen enjoyed open use of studio space, free classes, and the opportunity to perform at the school's graduate concert.
Master's Specialization: The master of Science degree in Agricultural Operations management allows students to advance their management skills through course work and management level research in Agricultural Production, Land & Water Resources and Information Systems.