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a French Canadian trapper

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Montcalm's official journal asserted they "certainly surpass all troops in the universe, owing to their skill as marksmen." A subordinate, Colonel Louis Antoine de Bougainville, conceded: "In the woods, behind trees, no troops are comparable to the natives of this country." A contemporary British account states simply, that habitants and coureurs de bois "are well known to be the most dangerous enemy of any ...
Le relachement de la discipline se manifestait parmi les coureurs de bois qui vivaient en marge de la loi, mais aussi parmi les engages et les soldats chez lesquels la sedition et la desertion etaient frequentes, et enfin parmi les commandants de postes dont certains s'enrichissaient aux depens du roi.
To tell them that I heard their plan to murder Nicolas Perrot, our expedition leader, would end my short time as a coureurs de bois, a runner of the woods.
Birk explores the river portages of Minnesota and northern Wisconsin first discovered by Aboriginal travellers and used by coureurs de bois and licensed traders to reach their Aboriginal trade partners.
These men, typically known as coureurs de bois or "woods runners," operated independently, wintering with tribes and using European trade goods to purchase furs.