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a bond issued with detachable coupons that must be presented to the issuer for interest payments


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The Zero coupon bonds were issued between 31 May and 4 October 2016, due to be paid between 28 November 2017 and 3 April 2018.
ARARATBANK (ARBK) are admitted to trading at NASDAQ OMX Armenia, while two issues of coupon bonds by the Company
Credit-Rating, a nationally recognized credit rating agency in Ukraine has today announced that it upgraded to uaBB+ (uaBB plus) with stable outlook from uaBB- (uaBB minus) the long-term credit rating assigned to registered coupon bonds (series A) issued by Kramatorsk-based Energomashspetsstal OJSC ('issuer' or 'company').
Banks should invest in zero coupon bonds only if the issuer builds up a sinking fund for the accrued interests and invests in liquid investments or securities such as government bonds, RBI said.
Zero coupon bonds are obligations payable without interest at a fixed maturity date and issued at a deep discount.
7 million euro) was financed at the expense of coupon bonds of the first issue of Ust-Kamenogorsk poultry plant, a KazAgroFinance project, a credit line of Halyk Bank of Kazakhstan, and own funds of the company.
Prices of zero-coupon bonds are much more sensitive to changes in interest rates than coupon bonds of comparable term and quality.
C & W proposes to offload its stake by issuing zero coupon bonds which can be converted into PCCW shares.
A change in interest rates affects the market price of zero-coupon bonds more dramatically than that of coupon bonds.
Instead, we used monthly total rates of return on zero coupon bonds with maturities of one, three, five, seven, ten, fifteen, and twenty years.
Recently the Arkansas Development Finance Authority (ADFA) issued the first $30 million of an expected $200 million in zero coupon bonds that will be offered over the next several months.
Since the initial offering in 1985, more stock was issued, along with current coupon bonds with a face value of $335 million and $215 million in zero coupon bonds that have both since been retired.
I recommend 30-year Treasuries, zero coupon bonds, and bond futures, which will enjoy even more appreciation as rates fall.
Proceeds from this transaction will be used by the company to refinance higher coupon bonds, pay down short-term debt and pay the cost of issuance.
Treasury held two auctions to sell 21-month TRY denominated zero coupon bonds and 10-year CPI indexed bonds (semiannually 1.