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a mechanical device that serves to connect the ends of adjacent objects

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The controls are incorporated within the operator area, so there is no need for additional controllers, switches, displays, hoses and/or wire harnesses to be connected, and the system is compatible with the full range of mechanical couplers from Bobcat, including Klac and Lehnhoff systems.
Pasternack has introduced WR-137 through WR-34, a new family of waveguide directional couplers displaying performance up to 33 GHz, the company said.
Because the AAR kingpin is installed in the upper coupler following the hot dip galvanizing process, it is not exposed to harsh chemicals and temperatures.
manufactures excavator attachments--including buckets, thumbs and quick couplers, as well as grapples and concrete crushers.
has received a contract to offer power couplers for the European XFEL superconducting linear accelerator.
Here in this study, we take advantage of the bared core of the fibers to develop coupler using lapping technique with other enforcement such as force and different bending angles to display various coupler/splitter characterizations depending on the customers' needs [5].
A recent inspection found too much corrosion around the upper coupler plate and frame structure.
8%) is relatively narrow compared with [1], but still larger than conventional branch-line or rat-race couplers (typically less than 10%).
Tri- and quad-band branch-line couplers with controllable operating frequencies were reported [7, 8].
Hybrid 90[degrees] couplers are key components to divide or combine signals with a proper phase difference which are widely implemented in radio frequency (RF) devices, such as power amplifiers, mixers, and antenna systems [1-4].
AVX Corporation has debuted the smallest thin-film 10W 3dB directional couplers available in today's market.
The replacement LED lamp for the Max-Power LED coupler is also plug-compatible with prior xenon lamp model Lares MX swivel couplers, enabling easy upgrade to the advantages of LED lighting.
Additionally, Ring and Line Rat-race hybrid couplers as an alternative to produce compact designs have been proposed in [7].
The couplers are made of high-grade ultraviolet ray resistant polypropylene, non-swell Viton O-rings and stainless steel springs.
During loading, the operator swings the arm away from the tender vehicle and positions the couplers together.