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a car with two doors and front seats and a luggage compartment

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He spends most of the week out in a field, whereas most of the horses trained in Newmarket are couped up in their box."
This share, couped with the Libyan Central Bank's 4.98 percent stake, raises
Being couped up within the same walls is clearly not good for our players.
Ferdinand is at England's training base in Rustenburg having been couped up in his room coming to terms with the heartbreak.
"It was a beautiful sunny day and we had been couped up in a restaurant for a couple of hours, so we went for a walk in the square," she said.
Couped up in a cell for five years yet still believing the election is a lock, he's loaded with ideas on how to obtain a Palestinian state, peacefully or violently.
The Manchester City ace has been couped up in a city centre hotel since arriving at Eastlands from Real Madrid in August.
They shunned rumours they were at loggerheads as a result of being couped up together for the last few months.
The 2.9 [pound sterling] million ($4.1 million) musical will close having re couped barely 10% of its capitalization -- and could pay back even less, Lloyd Webber says, "if it suddenly loses a fistful of money between now and Sept.
They do not fear getting voted out of office, but they do fear getting "rioted" or "military couped" out of office.
Finally, this time t and the external influence I confer the desired properties if the observables conform to the following pair of couped dynamical equations (Fivaz, 1993):
Alternatively, the light source could be modulated, and the detectors could be AC couped to the amplifiers.
V "Combining the five portraits was a challenge, as they are all quite different in their composition: how they're couped, their size, the crown worn and so on.