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between ourselves


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What does the phrase coup de foudre, borrowed from the French, mean?
He says of his first love, film producer Aine O'Connor, who died aged 50 in 1998: "The French expression, coup de foudre, means a blow to the heart.
Bien que ce livre est en francais c'est un bon livre pour n'importe qui aime le P-47 coup de foudre. [Translation: Even though this book is in French, it is a book for anyone who likes the P-47 Thunderbolt.] From 1944 until 1960, the French Air Force flew between 550 and 600 (some sources give a figure of 446) P-47s of various models.
Wisely, the pic doesn't spend any time leading up to or justifying the coup de foudre between Inge and Karl: The crux of the story is in her choice between a relationship that has revived her spirit and one that is safe but predictable.
From this initial coup de foudre, the Heatherwick/Longchamp relationship has now consolidated into a serious affair, with the recent much hyped completion of a new Longchamp store in New York, the firm's first contemporary flagship.
"This spot was truly a coup de foudre (lure at first sight)," says Sikorsky, of the spacious arcaded rooms of what was once an art gallery and later a wine store.
The critic goes on to point out the hilarious effects of reading in Eric Laurrent's Coup de foudre (1995) where Chester, a schlemiel figure, absorbed in his reading, "will succeed only in falling into the Canal St.
En "Biografia de Isidoro Tadeo Cruz" (El Aleph), tras una inventada vida del sargento Cruz, Borges reconstruye la escena en que los dos personajes se encuentran: el forajido y el policia que, fascinado por su coraje, se pone de su parte y decide, herido por el coup de foudre, compartir su vida.
Rossi's account--a bisexual renegade seduces a handsome Christian captive who in turn realizes, in a coup de foudre, that he is "different" and who thereafter is inspired to write novels of astonishing epistemological skepticism--sounds much more like a late twentieth-century coming-out fantasy than what we know of sexual encounters between men in early modern Europe and the Mediterranean.
Eric Laurrent's Coup de foudre, Jacques Jouet's La Montagne R, Marie Ndiaye's La Sorciere, Jean Echenoz's Un An, Christian Oster's Le Pique-nique, Jean-Philippe Toussaint's La Television, and finally Lydie Salvayre's La Conference de Cintegabelle.
Christian Dior have a nice new powder bluish Coup de Foudre Loose Powder Blush in No825, pounds 16, or try Clinique Rich Texture Blush in Rich Plum, pounds 16.
Here, a Canon a paroles (Word cannon), 2001; there, a Fauteuil a coup de foudre (Lovestruck lightning chair), 2001, or a Starting block a chute (Starting block for a fall), 2001.
At times, a deliberately provocative counter-reading is offered, making the reader revaluate the received interpretation of a film (particularly the two films in the study made by women filmmakers: Kurys's Coup de foudre and Serreau's Trois hommes et un couffin).
The author's main purpose is to trace the development of Stendhal's own view of Italy from the 'coup de foudre' of 1800 and the discovery of 'otherness', to the use of an ideal Italy as a means to criticize France, and then to the caricature of Italy found in La Chartreuse.
But, we are eager to see what happens to Coup de Foudre."