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a county in southwestern England


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red dual-purpose cattle of English origin

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38) The increasingly puritan spirit of the county of Devon as a whole during this era 'comes out repeatedly in the Quarter Sessions records from the 1590s onwards'.
1) Tristram Risdon, The Chorographical Description, or Survey, of the County of Devon, with the City and County of Exeter, etc.
It was held in the predominantly rural county of Devon in the south-west of England.
From 1941 he published articles about his mother's home county of Devon.
Part 1 (Chapters 1-2) examines the regional economy of the medieval county of Devon, of which Exeter was the administrative and ecclesiastical center, paying special attention to Devon's agriculture, industry, markets, and fairs.
Contract for the design and application of carriageway surface dressing to more than 500 sites within the County of Devon during the Spring and early Summer of 2016.
So deep, in fact, that he recorded the opening track, More Than Money, down the George & Charlotte copper mine in Morwellham in his home county of Devon.