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a public official who investigates by inquest any death not due to natural causes

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According to the Calhoun County coroner, Parker's children didn't live with him on a regular basis and it was unclear why they were at the residence at the time of the incident. Authorities have launched an investigation into the triple homicide-suicide case and are trying to find the reason why Parker killed the three people and later himself.
LA county coroner Brian Elias confirmed that law enforcement had responded to reports of a death in the Palos Verdes Estates area in LA.
King died of natural causes," John Fudenberg, the Clark County coroner, said.
He is currently employed as a coroner investigator with the Jefferson County Coroner's Office, which he joined in May of 2011.
The crash happened Saturday night after the pilot told air traffic controllers he was losing altitude, according to the county coroner.
The 24-year-old -- killed months after the death of rival rapper Tupac Shakur -- was hit by four bullets, although only one killed him, passing through his heart and other organs, the LA County Coroner's report said.
The report, released by the Los Angeles County coroner, stated the 68-year-old, who grew up in Stockton, also drowned.
NOTES left behind by Hollywood director Tony Scott did not give a reason why he would kill himself, Los Angeles County coroner's officials have said.
According to Website TMZ, the star's family were told by Los Angeles County Coroner officials that prescription medication mixed with alcohol - and not drowning - appeared to be to blame.
They declined to comment on any specifics, including the conditions of the body or the room, and said no additional information would be released until the Los Angeles County Coroner had completed their investigation.
Tucked as unobtrusively as possible in a closed-door room off the coroner's lobby, the store is jam-packed with mortality-mocking merchandise: Water bottles marked 'bodily fluids', boxer shorts dubbed 'undertakers', toe tags, crime-scene tape and beach towels bearing the county coroner's trademarked symbol of a body outline.
The Los Angeles County Coroner said the singer's death was the result of "acute propofol intoxication".
Jimmy Durben, from the Glynn County Coroner's Office investigating the murders, said: "It was the worst crime scene I have ever witnessed in my 17-year history in the coroner's office."
MICHAEL Jackson's death has been ruled as homicide, the Los Angeles County Coroner said.
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