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a simple style of folk music heard mostly in the southern United States

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Brandon Maddox (country-western, classic rock), RollnUp Beer Tent.
Back Road County (country-western), RollnUp Beer Tent.
While there was never any danger, my wife, who is not a country-western music lover, remarked, "Please don't let me die with country-western music playing."
Because you're going to have some who like Beethoven and others who like country-western. Give as much variety as you can, because they need stimulation.
In this way, the swing revival of the '90s--like the roughly simultaneous revivals of rockabilly, traditional country-western, and martini-flavored lounge musicemerged from the world of punk.
During her junior year, she marched into a country-western radio station to apply for a position as sports director.
Sunday, KNND-1400 AM studio at 321 Main St., Cottage Grove; farewell party for end of six-year radio program; host Dallas McCord and his wife, PJ, invite listeners for treats and CD giveaways; the country-Western performers from Creswell plan to travel and take part in cowboy music and poetry festivals;
Accurately billed as "the first Canadian, country-western, drag queen movie musical," writer-director Gregory Wild's shoestring-budgeted Highway of Heartache constitutes a cinematic act of will.
AVITAL RONELL (professor, Department of Germanic Languages and Literatures, New York University): The mottoes I live with and by, depending on the internal season, are split between Goethe, Helene Cixous, Thomas Bernhard, and country-western lyrics.
Jake Hoult (bluegrass/folk, classic rock, country-western), RollnUp Beer Tent.
Mickey Utley Band (country-western), RollnUp Beer Tent Stage.
The city council agreed Monday to give the owners of the country-western themed bar and restaurant a $100,000 grant to help pay for improvements to the former Olivetti's Italian Restaurant at 1575 Ellinwood St.