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an estate in the country

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All of our customers can now call as far as the country seat without paying for long-distance, and their response to this innovation has been overwhelmingly positive since it launched in May 2005.
It was the country seat of the Marquess of Bristol's family from the 15th Century.
Pennsylvanian Isaac Norris, II, inherited the country seat, Fair Hill, from his equally bibliophilic father.
The desire of the wealthy to assert an intrinsic connection between their identities and their properties is perhaps nowhere more obvious than in the country-house poems that began to appear in the first half of the seventeenth century, when possession of a country seat was, in Stone's words, "a sine qua non of elite membership" (Stone, 1984, 11).
Racan became a page at the court of Henry IV, served in the army, and in 1639 retired to his country seat in Touraine.
Nicholas Biddle, Philadelphia financier and perhaps the first native-born American to study Greek civilization on its home grounds, built his country seat at Andalusia, in Bucks County, Pa.
Ufly offers many benefits including no blackout dates, giving members the ability to redeem points for any Sun Country seat, any day, any time.
Justin Albert, National Trust director for Wales, said: "The collection is of immense significance to Plas Newydd, both in securing its authentic family home presentation and in telling the story of its development to principal country seat and the influence of some of the major players in its past.
Peace End of Empire, more admirals than ships Pipe him ashore to his fine country seat Peace is the word on everyone's lips.
A Delibes B Tchaikovsky C Ravel D Glazunov QUESTION 15 - for 15 points: Which castle is the country seat of the Duke of Norfolk?
ASUBSTANTIAL period house on the edge of town puts us all in mind of a country seat with family history, and Gurrey Manor in Llandeilo definitely fits the bill.
OUT OF 3POCKET O'Connor COUNTRY SEAT J But mansion is no longer worth what O'Connor paid for it
Downton Abbey tells the story of the Crawley family - and domestic staff - at its country seat.
In which National Park is the country seat of Lord Montagu of Beaulieu?
At least my inbred ancestors had the foresight not to build Pumsey Place on a flood plain, as I told Stuart Rose at the country seat this weekend.
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