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a lean hickory-smoked ham

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Executive Chef Kristian Wade started with country ham and a curing process that took 12 months and was successful enough to encourage Kristian and his team of amazingly talented chefs to look for other charcuterie projects.
Top with pieces of country ham, prosciutto or bacon.
Abacus owner and executive chef Kent Rathbun has developed a special menu featuring country ham wrapped jambalaya cakes with etouffee sauce, wood roasted Allen Brothers prime rib, smoked pecan-cranberry green beans, chocolate truffle cake, and malted milk chocolate ice cream.
- Wild striped bass with Johnston County country ham and butter beans
Winners: Catering for up to 100 people for a Jubilee Street Party or Community celebration from Amadeus' Summer Menu, consisting of Sandwiches: Worcester gold cheese and ploughman's pickle, Black Country ham and tomato chutney, Fresh salmon & watercress, Roast beef & horseradish.
"One of our biggest sellers is old-fashioned country ham, going back to simpler times on the farm," she says.
Other entries in this anthology of essays, stories, journalism, and poetry savor country ham in Kentucky and chicken mull in Georgia.
Red-Eye Gravy Made from pan drippings deglazed with strong black coffee, often served with salty country ham.
<strong>James Boyce</strong> - Cotton Row, Huntsville: Roasted sea scallops with black-eyed pea succotash, smoked country ham, and bourbon glaze.
"The media has a way of, let's say, bending his words," said a Paul fan with a Lincolnesque beard who was sitting next to me at the Country Ham Breakfast, an annual political tradition hosted at the state fair by the Kentucky Farm Bureau.
The originator and flagship of the line is the Country Ham Biscuits, a combination of finely chopped Virginia Artisanal Ham, Dijon mustard butter and the finest Southern flour.
The perfect place to stop for lunch - huge sandwiches of crusty bread with thick slices of more of the cured country ham (that poor pig), washed down with sweet black coffee and cold water.
/ We'd have chicken pie and country ham / and homemade butter on the bread, / but the best darn thing about / Grandma's house was her / great big feather bed!" The last few pages offer more information about the people who created the song, as well as a musical score for the tune.
Some mass produced hams are soaked in brine or injected with brine for curing rather than rubbed with salt the way a country ham is.