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woolly usually horned ruminant mammal related to the goat

a timid defenseless simpleton who is readily preyed upon

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a docile and vulnerable person who would rather follow than make an independent decision

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Counting Sheep Antiques opened as a part-time shop in 1999, in a small building on the property, just in front of the massive old barn.
I did this until a definite pattern emerged--the titles I liked sat on the shelves counting sheep, and everything else I bought flew out of the library.
I said to them, I guarantee you'll have thirty different ways of counting sheep in every class.
As for Serta's Counting Sheep campaign, "We are broadening our channels to include major print ads along with Serta's traditional emphasis on broadcast advertising," said Barbara Bradford, senior vice president of marketing and manufacturing for National Bedding Co.
Counting Sheep is enlivened by fascinating bits of information, such as the observed uni-hemispheric sleep of dolphins and some birds: Half of the brain dozes off while the other half stands guard.
She finally got to sleep by counting sheep, but had a horrible dream.
In a study of 50 insomniacs at the Oxford University (England), subjects fell asleep 20 minutes faster when they pictured a pleasant or relaxing scene; they took slightly longer than normal to get to sleep when they used a distraction method such as counting sheep (Behav.
Those predisposed to contempo Japanese cinema may applaud Saito's restraint; everyone else will be counting sheep.
Repetitive mental exercises such as counting sheep or repeating a mantra.
An experimental device that emits a low-energy electromagnetic field beats counting sheep as a sleep aid, according to researchers who tested the novel technique in a double-blind study.
Better to try reading, counting sheep, or any other activity that tends to take the mind off the cares of the day.
Counting sheep may be the norm in mostbeds, but this one's designed to conjure up visions of high-leaping horses.
Traditional methods of inducing sleep like counting sheep and drinking warm milk seem to have gone by the wayside in favor of pharmaceutical solutions, 15% of respondents use over-the-counter sleeping pills or pain relievers with sleep aids to help them sleep.
However, if you don't rely on counting sheep to fall asleep then hitting the gym after work should be fine as long as there is plenty of time to cool off and unwind before hitting the hay.