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the number of elements in a mathematical set

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Use of the technique of counting numbers as a predictor of slow vital capacity in hospitalized individuals.
This familiar grid of numbers has rows and columns both indexed by the counting numbers, with the value in the ith row and jth column the product i x j, as shown in Figure 1.
While many students are inclined to begin their exploration of odd and even numbers with statements such as 'Let n be an even number', it is more advantageous to create a representation in which n may represent any counting number. Multiplying any counting number by two necessarily produces an even number, and this fact can be exploited to represent any even number as 2n.
Going counter-clockwise, start counting numbers aloud.
Every week we also enjoy listening to and reading stories as well as recognising and counting numbers to 10.
If he adds 10 points to his average and doubles his counting numbers, you are already looking at a steady fantasy shortstop.
The use of wordanchors (whether a mantra, a name, or counting numbers) is a universal practice that is also found in Christianity.
New Delhi, India, November 17, 2013 --( After its grand release on Android, Classteacher Learning Systems is all set to rollout the marvel app- Counting Numbers, now on iOS platform.
The research team asked two dozen subjects to control a visual interface by silently counting numbers at fast and slow rates.
The relationship in (4) involves counting numbers to form triples.
The soft pastel colours combined with well executed black and white drawings, gives this book an earthy feel that both highlights the counting numbers and enhances the mood of the wombat.
When it came to counting numbers of preterm births in the world, rather than birth rates, the highest numbers were in India , China , Nigeria , Pakistan , Indonesia and the United States .
"He was counting numbers and saying one, two, three, loudly and told Akshay he would fly after that.
"Two and Two Make Zero" considers children's acquisition of numerical concepts from a wide range of perspectives including topics that are often overlooked, most notably: the principal properties of the counting numbers in and of themselves; the role that numerical symbols play in number acquisition; the underlying conceptual structure of number symbolization; the import of notational representation of numbers and the advantage of the Hindu-numeral system over the systems it replaced; and, finally, the role social/ parental inputs play in number development.
They advocate a model which takes us back towards counting numbers andstatisticswhen CONCERNED...