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a duty imposed to offset subsidies by foreign governments

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After losing the EU market due to countervailing duties, Pakistani exporters are exploring new markets, especially the United States.
The Countervailing Duties Bill, 2015 was originated in the Senate and passed by it on August 04, 2015.
Countervailing duties are trade import duties imposed under World Trade Organization rules to neutralize the negative effects of subsides.
Part VI makes the case for fundamental reforms of the current subsidy regulation regime and proposes to replace countervailing duties with a country-specific safeguard.
The Council is also retroactively extending, to 13 August 2010, the definitive anti-dumping and countervailing duties to imports of biodiesel consigned from Canada.
A Dispute Settlement Panel [DSP] of the World Trade Organization (WTO) issued its Report in the dispute United States of America--Definitive Anti-Dumping and Countervailing Duties on Certain Products from China (DS379).
At least some of the proposals could lead to higher anti-dumping or countervailing duties on goods from the Asian manufacturing giant, the most frequent target of US complaints about unfair trade in recent years.
countervailing duty law to China, a nonmarket economy, by announcing a preliminary determination to impose countervailing duties (CVDs) on subsidized imports of Chinese coated free sheet paper.
Both organizations say despite the softwood lumber agreement reached April 27, the industry must still deposit about $40 million every month in countervailing duties.
to be imposing countervailing duties on Canadian lumber shipments into the American marketplace," said David Pressly, president of the National Association of Home Builders and a home builder from Statesville, N.
A special panel of the World Trade Organization (WTO) has ruled that Mexico improperly imposed countervailing duties on imports of US long-grain rice in 2002.
Already declared illegal by the World Trade Organisation (WTO), it grants American companies additional compensation for successfully pushing the US government into erecting anti-dumping or countervailing duties on imports deemed subsidised or cut-priced.
companies to receive anti-dumping and countervailing duties collected from foreign competitors, was found to be illegal under the WTO.
countervailing duties on Canadian lumber imports represents another important legal win for housing affordability and consumers, the NAHB says.
has or recalculated countervailing duties will be legal under NAFFA.