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Synonyms for counterpart

Synonyms for counterpart

one that has the same functions and characteristics as another


something closely resembling or analogous to something else

one of a matched pair of things

Synonyms for counterpart

a person or thing having the same function or characteristics as another

a duplicate copy

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The KLE is the crux of what a combat advisor does, and your KLEs with your Afghan counterparts may take twice as long as a meeting with your American peers.
Transport Minister Lord Ahmad said: "Replacing the counterpart with an online service will save motorists money and reduce unnecessary red tape.
Michael Fara and Timothy Williamson argue that David Lewis's counterpart theory is unable to account for modal claims that use an actuality operator.
Kishida will hold talks with his Philippine counterpart Alberto del Rosario in Manila on Thursday, his Singaporean counterpart K.
Despite what your mission statement says, your overall advising mission is to enable and improve your counterparts, so you are completely within your jurisdiction as an advisor to make suggestions to the BSO concerning tasks directed to your counterparts that you feel are counterproductive to your mission.
Rahimi wished growing welfare, success and health for his counterparts and Muslim nations and states.
The IRS officers of CBEC got their parity with the counterparts of Income Tax in last cadre restructuring and they have proposed their parity with other better placed cadres in the current one but the Central Excise executive personnel have totally been ignored inspite of earning major portion of revenue for the government and dealing with the hardcore smugglers, organized revenue offenders and white collared evaders.
On the other hand, Chinese banks, insurance firms, and securities firms will be able to apply for the establishment of representative's offices in Taiwan or buy into Taiwanese counterparts.
The Speaker of Syrian Parliament (Majlis al-Sha'ab) will arrive in Tehran this Tuesday to visit his Iranian counterpart Ali Larijani, as well as Foreign Minister Manouchehr Mottaki, Minister of Housing and Urban Development Ali Nikzad and head of the Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting Ezatollah Zarghami.
Overall, 38% of the female European workers surveyed, believe they experience pay discrimination when compared to their male counterparts with the same qualifications.
The fighting exists to underscore the movie's championing of its soldiers, men who are seen as nothing short of heroes, men who deserve nothing less than their French counterparts.
1) Compared with their counterparts whose male partners used condoms less than 5% of the time for vaginal intercourse, women whose partners used them at least half the time had a 50% lower risk of infection and women whose partners used them every time had a 70% lower risk.
Nearly all the titles I use are as easy to learn as their proprietary counterparts, and massive user communities are in place to provide support.
27 /Xinhua-PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- Intermost Corporation (BULLETIN BOARD: IMOT) , a leading electronic equity exchange service provider in China, announced that its wholly-owned subsidiary IMOT Information Technology (Shenzhen) Ltd had issued a legal notice to terminate the ''Stock Swap Agreement'' with Hainan Special Economic Zone Property Rights Exchange Center and related counterparts (hereinafter referred to as ''Counterparts'') on the joint venture of Hainan Concord Financial Products Development Co.
When President Bush and his counterparts from Canada and Mexico created the Security and Prosperity Partnership of North America, they took a substantial step toward unifying the three nations in a North American Union.