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Synonyms for counterrevolutionary

a revolutionary whose aim is to reverse the changes introduced by an earlier revolution

marked by opposition or antipathy to revolution

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There seems to be ample proof here of a Western-backed 'counter-revolution' but the wellsprings of revolt were material grievances and the popular backlash had got into full drive quite some time back.
The counter-revolution did not only bring down the first democratically elected government in the history of Egypt, stem the democratic transition in Tunisia and devastate Syria, Libya and Yemen.
"For me, the cover-up of the counter-revolution is two-dimensional, it's about winning the image battle by diverting the attention of the upper classes and international media towards identity and personal freedom issues, and by winning again at the polls.
Now, as a result of the counter-revolution, the EU club is shrinking, rather than growing.
"Terrorist operations make our enemy, the military dictatorship, more powerful in leading the counter-revolution. It uses such attacks as justification for more crimes against the public, that is why we refuse attacks targeting the state," the statement read.
"Because when there is a revolution, there's always a counter-revolution...
Dr Gargash said that using the term "counter-revolution" ignores the aspirations of the "millions of Egyptians" who helped overthrow the ousted Egyptian president Mohammed Mursi.
The statement called on all revolutionary forces to restore the spirit of Tahrir Square and continue to struggle against the counter-revolution until the military coup is toppled and a genuinely democratic regime that reflects the will of the Egyptian people is reinstated.
The Egyptian courts and government need to free the journalists before they become a symbol of a counter-revolution gone wrong.
The counter-revolution is as popular in Egypt now as it was in France then.
Summary: Youth refuse to participate in referendum because they consider what is happening as counter-revolution to January revolution.
They are claiming Mubarak's release is further proof that the ousting of President Mohammed Morsi was and is a counter-revolution.
Summary: Watching Saudi Arabia and other wealthy Gulf states line up behind the bloody counter-revolution in Egypt, you can't help suspect that these conservative monarchies are ready to fight to the last Egyptian against the Muslim Brotherhood.
This newly updated edition covers the conservative counter-revolution and cultural responses to the 1960s, offering a satisfying survey of the backlash to environmental, consumer and citizen-action movements in this country.
"Respect for legitimacy is the sole guarantee against possible flare-up of violence and the counter-revolution," President Mosri made clear.