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According to the indictment document, through three systems for communication surveillance at the Security and Counter-Intelligence Administration, from 2008 to 2015, 4,286 telephone numbers were illegally wiretapped without a court warrant, whereas 1,541 telephone numbers were wiretapped before court warrants were issued and after the expire of their validity.
It will also force European countries to do something new to most of them: to consider the whole gamut of nonkinetic defensive measures available, from counter-intelligence to media awareness, as part of a single, unified security concept.
It is believed that former KGB/SVR counter-intelligence officer--and CIA source--Alexander Zaporozhsky was responsible for pointing the Americans in the direction of Nicholson.
failed to overcome Sampdoria's intelligence and counter-intelligence operations.
The US will now make its eight-step vetting process more rigorous and increase its counter-intelligence teams.
Visit of these investors is sabotaged by staff of the Prime Minister's Executive Office in collusion with counter-intelligence officers of the State National Security Committee of the Kyrgyz Republic, who issued the statement saying "trustworthiness of this company was not confirmed," MP Tologonov claimed.
During his earlier stint in the ISI, he reportedly headed a section that dealt with domestic and counter-intelligence matters.
Due to the massive intelligence and counter-intelligence work by Iranian intelligence agents, a complex espionage and sabotage network linked to America s spy organisation was uncovered and dismantled," a ministry statement read out on the television said.
I went to the Infantry School, then went to the Counter-Intelligence School, and spent the rest of my career in Army Intelligence," said Fay, executive vice president, worldwide property/ casualty claim, at CNA.
This study describes Japanese signals, counter-intelligence tactics, and their use of intelligence from pre-war through their successes and ultimate failure.
Counter-intelligence boss Angleton is hunting the mole and narrows his list of subjects down to just one name - Leo Kritsky.
Indeed, such was the success of Collins' hit-and-run warfare and his ruthless disposal of British spies and agents, they now form the basis of a CIA counter-intelligence manual.
The rule provides authority for DoD to enter into personal services contracts for health care at locations outside of medical treatment facilities, and for urgent or unique services that are to be performed outside the United States or that directly support the mission of a DoD intelligence or counter-intelligence organization or the special operations command.
Dr Giuseppe Petronzi, chief of counter-intelligence for the Italian State Police, is in charge of policing tomorrow night's potentially explosive tie.
Edgar Hoover's telephone, with no mention made of post-9/11 counter-intelligence work.
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