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a second confirming signature endorsing a document already signed


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I kept thinking, 'It's such a palaver - you need to get the photos done, the form and the counter-signature etc'.
"This week I have signed a decree for the simplification of the procedures to make the finance available and have now received the counter-signature of the Minister of Finance to give the go-ahead for the payments to be made.
All we need is a counter-signature. In any case I think BenE[degrees]tez is not in Italy and will arrive here for the presentation," he said.
A spokeswoman for the Identity and Passport Service said: "Any applicant who lived outside the UK without a British passport for a prolonged period would be treated as a first time applicant and would require a counter-signature on their application.'' Sheila is seeking her childhood friend, Madeleine Smith, with whom she worked at Hughes Biscuit Factory during the 1950s.
Weiner thereby proceeds to examine the figure(s) of the counter-signature and counter-promise, not just as they operate with regard Derrida's mourning for Blanchot, but Derrida and deconstruction, 'Derrida's ...