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Two criteria guided the design of the counter example. First, I wanted to anchor it as closely as possible to the existing formal discussions of the problem of absolute and relative gains.
So how can we refine our diachronic principle of rational belief to accommodate this counter example? On [DCRB.sub.3], I ought to believe that P, if there is sufficient evidence for P which I have sufficient reason to believe will be at my disposal at some future time t+.
The Latin Node case provides a cautionary counter example. In 2007, eLandia International acquired Latin Node, a telecommunications services company doing business in, among other places, Honduras and Yemen.
Suppose the theorem is false and let G be a minimal counter example to this theorem.
Scholars have commonly pointed to Buddhism as a counter example to claims that religions are primarily concerned with the divine.
As a counter example to the gravitational force, consider the free space Coulomb force ([e.sup.2]/[r.sup.2]) between two charges e separated by the distance r.
He raises the counter example of an engineering debate, which would be inutile if allowed to begin from 1+1=3.
My stand on this debate is very simple: I am a mathematician and in mathematics one counter example proves the theory wrong.
Comparing critical and counter positions in the chess example, the expert decided that the counter example had a noticeably worse pawn structure.
A counter example is the Leeds Test of 1987 where in difficult conditions, Saleem Malik was the only Pakistani batsman to hold his own and score a masterful 99; yet he was reportedly admonished by Imran Khan when he got dismissed at the stroke of stumps as the captain expected him being the only batsman who had adapted to the conditions to stay till the close of play.
Generalization at some level is necessary and welcome in books on such ambitious topics but this degree of uncritical generalization leads to distortion; and since it inevitably breeds a certain contrariness of spirit in the reader, inviting an unbroken reflection on counter examples and quibbles, it distracts from the book's main themes.
Although SFG claims a strong commitment to the principle that linguistic function determines form, Halliday (1994) acknowledges, with no attempt at explanation, clear counter examples to that principle.
Of course, there are counter examples. A bitter strike against the Pittston Coal Group, involving 1,700 UMWA miners in Virginia, West Virginia, and Kentucky, has been raging for eight months.
On the whole this chapter raised some enthusiasm in the reviewer, though it is, as most of the book uncritical and lacking in counter examples. The authors miss the notion of `emergence' of vision, but do point to the dangers of complacency in believing you've `arrived'.
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