Counter Reformation

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the reaction of the Roman Catholic Church to the Reformation reaffirming the veneration of saints and the authority of the Pope (to which Protestants objected)

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Some of MacCulloch's most fascinating material illustrates how modern Protestants have unwittingly adopted traditions developed by Catholics during the Counter Reformation and afterward.
For example, the book sees a commonality in the use of the rosary during the Counter Reformation with how art historians have interpreted the genius of Caravaggio--both the devotion and the artist create a "simple and clear spirituality accessible to everyone" (55; quoting Giuseppe Olmi and Paolo Prodi).
The first one focuses on the preconditions of Nazi rule in Austria, reaching back to German nationalism in the Habsburg monarchy and the traditions of the Nazi party in Austria and, in a rather far-fetched reference, to the Counter Reformation and to Josephinism.
An example of this comes within the first couple of pages when Oberman notes that, "when we fail to find an entry for Counter Reformation in the Oxford Dictionary [sic] of the Reformation (1998), we realize that the typically Protestant anti-Catholic paradigm--Inquisition, Jesuits, Trent--has been replaced by a bland and equally distorting revisionism.
has yielded an extraordinary wealth of documentation which is already altering dramatically many long-standing views on the repressive activity of the Roman church during the Counter Reformation.
The Villa Aldobrandini and its spectacular water gardens at Frascati were constructed in 1601-11, during the Counter Reformation, by Carlo Maderno, architect of St Peter's facade, and Giovanni Fontana.
Barnes, "Ces Sortes de Penitence Imaginaires: The Counter Reformation Assault on Communitas," in Andrew Barnes and Peter Stearns, eds.
Sponsa Christi: Nozza mistiche e professione monastici" by Gabriella Zarri, the focus turns to nuns and convent life between the Renaissance and the Counter Reformation as illustrated in the didactic prints of the period.
She next considers the Soledades as pastoral literature, positing an influence of Counter Reformation devotional works like St.
The author has also tended to present the moderates in a favorable light, while reserving harsher judgment for the forces of Counter Reformation.
She implies that the preoccupation developed with the chivalric ideal in the thirteenth century and disappeared in the seventeenth century, with the decline of admiration for earthly renown fostered by the Counter Reformation, changes in warfare, and the growth of an absolutist monarchy.
Chapters 17 and 18 treat the role of women in the Reformation and Counter Reformation, and are among some of the best in the book.
This is a good study of one episode in the complex history of the Italian Counter Reformation.
Past speakers include Outram Evennett and Denys Hay, whose Birkbeck lectures inspired redefinitions of the Counter Reformation and the fifteenth-century Italian church, respectively.