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two stitches forming a cross or X

embroidery done with pairs of stitches that cross each other

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Posy Lough's The Posy Collection, which provides counted cross-stitch graphs of historical sites and scenes, has released a new cross-stitch kit depicting the female Shoshone scout who in 1804-05 helped explorers Lewis and Clark find the source of the Mississippi River and open the Oregon Territory to exploration.
Labbe's framed counted cross-stitch of the First Amendment.
Claire Murray's designs are available in kits--needlepoint, knitting and counted cross-stitch designs--and in finished rugs.
Dona loves to complete counted cross-stitch and quilting projects and has a passion for the outdoors and animals in general.
Also, every year I make something to hang on the tree - either in needlepoint or counted cross-stitch, putting the year on it.
The mother of two and grandmother of five enjoys quilting, counted cross-stitch and playing Lottery games in her spare time.