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that can be counted

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There exists a countable set E in [epsilon] such that [MATHEMATICAL EXPRESSION NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] where,
48a)-(48c), a countable set of other solutions exists for the frequency [?
Then by Lemma 1, there exists an open subset V containing x and a countable set C such that V - C [subset not equal to] sInt(B).
Then, the set of all discontinuity points of f is at most a countable set in R.
As mentioned above, we are dealing with discrete simulations, hence we have a countable set of simulation instants in which many events have occurred and entities have been altered.
Few authors have tried to elaborate mental structures an individual or group of individuals might use in developing concepts of countable sets.
2 (b), there exists a family [MATHEMATICAL EXPRESSION NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII]-regularly open sets in X that forms a pairwise regular cover of X, since X is pairwise weakly regular Lindelof, there exists a countable set of points {[s.
Using methods from linear functional analysis Conca, Planchard and Vanninathan [3] proved that this problem has a countable set of eigenvalues which are positive and real and which converge to infinity.
What is used is the corollary that every countable set of reals is representable in a constructible model.
We can assume without loss of generality f is one-to-one off of a countable set [St]; also, by [A13] and [P2] we know that f extends continuously to U.
Using Urysohn's lemma this can be chosen to be a countable set if X is metrizable.
A] we can find a countable set B [subset] A such that x [member of] [bar.
Theorem 2 Let X be a separable Banach space and let S be a countable set in X.
Assume that K acts on some countable set X, and take any nontrivial group Z.
alpha]] is positive, we have that there exists a countable set N [subset] [DELTA] such that