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a noun that forms plurals

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Countable nouns are presented as count nouns in subject literature, and uncountable nouns are viewed as mass nouns (see Jespersen 1924 for mass words), whose category membership "depends partly on the inherent properties of their referents and partly on cultural usage" (Koptjevskaja-Tamm 2004: 1069).
In Polish, bagaz 'luggage' and mebel 'furniture' denote discrete entities, consequently, bagaz SG, bagaze PL and mebel SG, meble PL are countable nouns.
Countable nouns are associated with bounded region, which comprises interconnected entities with "some limit" (ibid.
The usage of accommodation in The Spectator illustrates this balance well, as it contains 1 occurrence of accommodation as a countable noun and 1 as a uncountable noun.
1 The instances of advice used as a countable noun are:
As far as the marking of number is concerned, nouns--traditionally --could be classified as countable nouns and uncountable nouns.
Investigating the relevant data of several languages, we can assert that in the case of countable nouns the marking of number in most languages follows the basic "singular ~ plural" opposition, e.