Count Rumford

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English physicist (born in America) who studied heat and friction

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The soup Count Rumford pioneered was designed to be filling and nutritious, and was - in the original recipe - vegetarian, a mixture of dried peas and vegetables.
The Institution was founded in 1800 by leading British scientists under the guidance of Benjamin Thompson "for diffusing the knowledge and facilitating the general introduction of useful mechanical inventions and improvements, and for teaching by courses of philosophical lectures and experiments the application of sciences to the common purposes of life." Thompson, perhaps better known as Count Rumford, was by all accounts a ruthless, arrogant, cunning, devious, unprincipled womanizer who was also a philanthropist and a clever scientist.
The final chapter of this book, tying science, literature, and empire together in a double bind of humanitarianism and imperialism, addresses the consequences of Count Rumford's discovery, also published in 1798, that heat was not a subtle fluid but a form of motion, and his parallel invention of a fuel-efficient stove that burned and heated more cleanly than any fireplace in the land.
"Virtue never dwelt long with filth," declared Sir Benjamin Thompson, Count Rumford, the 18th century physicist and inventor of the smokeless fireplace.
He points out that Count Rumford in the 18th century discovered the principle of heat convection after burning his mouth on an apple pie.
Fireplace designs by Benjamin Thompson (aka Count Rumford) and later, Peter O.