Count Ferdinand von Zeppelin

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German inventor who designed and built the first rigid motorized dirigible (1838-1917)


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But why should a chap from Vauxhall's car plant, in Ellesmere Port, be so interested in the Graf Zeppelin, which had been launched by Hella von Brandstein-Zeppelin, daughter of Count Ferdinand von Zeppelin (1838-1917), designer of the airship?
The invention of Claude Dornier (1884-1969), who at early stages in his career worked as science adviser to Count Ferdinand von Zeppelin and was ordered by same to construct his first flying boat during World War I, the Dornier Wal saw military service in Argentina, Chile, Columbia, Germany, Russia and six other countries (although it was Spain who was the first to recognise the Wal's military potential).
The venture could mark a comeback for Germany's Zeppelin company, founded by Count Ferdinand von Zeppelin eight years after he flew the first zeppelin airship in 1900.
# In 1902 Count Ferdinand von Zeppelin was ridiculed when he claimed he had invented a steerable passenger balloon.
Count Ferdinand von Zeppelin's inspired idea was to make airships rigid, so superseding the early blimps, which were fatally vulnerable to leaks from the inflammable hydrogen used to inflate them.