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the branch of physics that deals with static electricity

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This phenomenon is often evident in cationic CPPs since the positive charge drives Coulombic attraction with negative charges in nucleotide.
At the same time, the depolarized ends of the CNTs will be attracted to each other by Coulombic attraction resulting in end-to-end attachment [24], which will facilitate the formation of linear dendritic or network structures of CNTs on application of an electric field.
This concentration of electrons exerts a Coulombic attraction on the positive nuclei of the two atoms and this gives rise to a covalent bond.
A brightener is classified as a nitrogen or sulfur containing compound, that by coulombic attraction, forms a layer on the copper (Cu) surface where it enters, together with chloride ion ([Cl.sup.-]), in the one electron transfer [Cu.sup.++] [right arrow] [Cu.sup.+] [right arrow] [Cu.sup.0].
"If an electron's behavior is controlled by the laser field rather than the coulombic attraction of the nucleus, that's altogether a new regime.