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any medicine used to suppress or relieve coughing

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Our goal is to persuade them that OTC cough medicine is not a high they want to try.
Food and Drug Administration reviewed all the data, including Paul's, and concluded that parents should not give cough medicines to children under 6.
Research results have pointed to the possible abuse of cough medicine in Western countries (e.
There was no significant improvement for the children who took cough medicines with the active ingredients, and in the cough frequency category, the children who received placebo reported a 2.
said Wednesday it will recall a cough medicine and expectorant in view of an erroneous description in the directions inside the package.
Remember any other over-the-counter medications you may need such as aspirin, antacids, cough medicine, antinistamines etc.
Dextromethorphan, another promising compound with a similar mode of action, is the active ingredient in a cough medicine.
To test the above hypotheses, consumers were asked to examine two products: a jar of oven cleaner and a jar of prescription cough medicine.
Cough medication is especially dangerous for young children, ACS warned, citing the evidence of thousands of children aged 12 or less being taken to emergency rooms every year because of cough medicine overdoses.
Mucinex accounts for three of the top four cough medicine brands ranked by Treato, a website that "continuously collects and analyzes more than 2 billion patient and caregiver conversations happening across the Internet to understand what patients are saying about their experiences with their conditions and treatments.
WASHINGTON -- Educating parents about the dangers of misusing dextromethorphan-based (DXM) cough medicine and efforts to make it harder for teens to get these products have helped curb abuse, lawmakers and advocates of over-the-counter drugs say.
New squad No19 Cristian Lopez is pictured in the striking yellow strip, which features the logo of Covonia - the cough medicine brand of club partners Thornton & Ross.
The children with both pre- and postnatal exposure had 15% more wheezing, 16% more rhinitis, 7% more use of cough medicine, 8% more use of bronchodilators, and suffered from 30% more crying and 27% more irritability than children with no tobacco exposure.
And in one prosecution picture, what appears to be a cannabis pipe is next to a bottle of children's cough medicine.
Over-the-counter drug use has grown from modest to startling proportions over the last 18 months, Hedrick said, noting that one in 10 kids have reported using cough medicine to get high.