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an idler who spends much time on a couch (usually watching television)

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Akron, OH 44301 (330) 773-8911 Fax: (330) 773-1028 Email: Michael Couchie, vice president of sales and marketing
Michael Couchie has served 26 years at APV Engineered Coatings, focusing the vast portion of his career on new product development and sales for emerging markets.
According to Dan Couchie, it's gratifying, but tough work, and the family had to start long before June.
A helicopter survey of the whole Park in 1977 (Couchie and Baldwin 1977, Prescott 1979), while focussed on distribution rather than abundance, was the first to attempt to account for moose not seen but indicated by track concentrations.
NO RICH PICKING: Canadian Country singer Mike Couchie is struggling for cash to go to awards in Flordia
The painting of a Native child protected by an eagle earned Sean Couchie first place in the adult art contest category.
Notable pieces included a 1995 print by Joseph Sagaj, Mike Couchie's 2003 digital abstraction of a buffalo, Lorraine Hughes' 2003 oils on canvas, and Curtis Wabie's 2003 mixed media installation/sculpture of a dreamcatcher made out of computer parts and featuring a wire fringe.
He was just 14 when Pass the Dutchie hit the top of the charts (ironically 'dutchie', a West Indian cooking pot, was substituted for 'couchie', meaning marijuana, in the original lyrics of the 1960s song by the Mighty Diamonds).
The 2015 recipient, Aylan Couchie, recently installed a new sculpture at The Halifax Stanfield Airport.
Initially, the company operated its bit plant out of a 2,500-square-foot building on Main Street and rented a 10,000-square-foot space for its rod manufacturing and warehouse about a kilometre away in the Couchie Industrial Park.
For seven years, Carol Couchie has worked as a midwife.
Gordon Baum also has ties to the "Council of Conservative Citizens," as does Frank Weltner, the station host known on air as "the Couch Potato." Couchie also has links to the National Alliance, a group that recently brought some unwanted publicity in the St.