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type genus of the Cottidae: sculpins

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Study about the ontogenetic development of cephalic sensory system of Cottus gobio Linnaeus 1758 (Pisces; Cottidae).
One particularly vexing taxonomic challenge concerns the distinction between the Riffle Sculpin (Cottus gulosus) and the Reticulate Sculpin (Cottus perplexus), 2 species that are sympatric in western Oregon and Washington streams.
Monitoring aquatic environments receiving industrial effluents using small fish species in response of spoonhead sculpin (Cottus recei) downstream of a bleached kraft pulp mill.
[35.] Lahnsteiner F, Berger B, Weismann T, Patzner RA (1997) Sperm structure and motility of the freshwater teleost Cottus gobio.
nigrum Rafinesque--Johnny Darter (N) Etheostoma spectabile (Agassiz)-- Orangethroat Darter (N) Percina caprodes (Rafinesque)--Logperch (N) Percina copelandi (Jordan)--Channel Darter (N) Percina evides (Jordan and Copeland)--Gilt Darter (N) Percina maculata (Girard)--Blackside Darter (N) Percina sciera (Swain)--Dusky Darter (I) Percina shumardi (Girard)--River Darter (N) Sciaenidae Aplodinotus grunniens Rafinesque--Freshwater Drum (N) Cottidae Cottus bairdii Girard--Mottled Sculpin (N) Cottus ricei (Nelson)--Spoonhead Sculpin (N) Gobiidae Neogobius melanostomus (Pallus)--Round Goby (E) Proterorhinus semilunaris (Heckel)--Tubenose Goby (E)
On those and many smaller species like bullhead (Cottus gobio), dace (Leuciscus leuciscus), minnow (Phoxinus phoxinus) and gudgeon (Gobio gobio) feed predators like pike (Esox lucius) and perch (Perca fluviatilis).
Competitive interactions between benthic stream fishes: riffle sculpin Cottus gulosus, and speckled dace Rhinichthys osculus.
The helminth parasites of Bullhead Cottus gobio and the stone loach Noemacheilus barbatulus (L) from the River Avon.
So sieht man bei ihm beispielsweise nebeneinander haug und purikas 'Hecht', koger und karus 'Karausche', koha und sudak 'Zander', lohe und laks 'Lachs', voldas 'Cottus gobio bzw.
Associations between genetic heterozigosity and morphological variability in freshwater sculpins, genus Cottus (Teleostei: Cottidae).
Alternate fish morphologies have evolved in fishes that occupy other niches, and include bottom clingers (sculpins, Cottus spp.
The results are changes of substratum composition, which affect macrovertebrate habitats or fish species reproduction (Cottus gobio or Salmo trutta fario).
muelleri (Levinsen, 1881) Yamaguti, 1954 in Cottus scorpius, Gadus ovak from Edgedesminde; G.