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a candy made by spinning sugar that has been boiled to a high temperature

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He got his name from the French word for cotton-candy, which is largely what he resembled.
her hair a cotton-candy blaze in the winter sun of the restaurant foyer, and her cheeks burning on the cold.
SOUTH PLAINFIELD, N.J.--New products, including a cotton-candy maker, iced-tea/coffeemaker and espresso machine, will be shown by Robeson at the International Housewares Show in Chicago.
The cotton-candy maker now allows old fashioned cotton candy to be made at home.
When questioned whether the Academy Award-nominated actor, famous for her taste in vintage fashion, tried to walk off the set of Down With Love with the cotton-candy creations Orlandi dreamed up for her character, he laughs, saying, "Oh, of course not.
Waltzing up the aisle of the fabulously funky ballroom theater of a waterfront hotel that once housed the surviving crew members of the Titanic, John Cameron Mitchell sports a Barbara Mandrell cotton-candy wig, a fringed denim cowgirl camisole, and a flag-striped cape, the inside of which is spray-painted Yankee Go Home ...