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Synonyms for cotton

to live or act together in harmony

to support slavishly every opinion or suggestion of a superior

Synonyms for cotton

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Cotton picking is primarily carried out by women, which is considered a cash job.
Awareness on right to association under SIRA 2013 must be created among the workers involved in cotton picking. Women cotton pickers must be covered with health insurance and social security program.
Those involved into cotton picking should be provided with lunch, drinking water.
Whether they like it or not, almost every Uzbek's life has involved cotton picking. At each harvest for the past century, the government has transported millions of people to pick cotton, for days, weeks and even months.
Sikandar Hayat Khan Bosan, Federal Minister for National Food Security and Research while speaking on the occasion highlighted the top level visits and potential room for the growth of connection in different sectos including agriculture wherein the Pakistan can import tractors, cotton picking machinery which can help improve the agri yield.
Mechanical cotton picking began to be practical in 1943, when International Harvester produced the first dozen of their successful commercial cotton pickers.
Temperature([temperature.sub.i]): In general, the cotton picking needs to continue for a long time, in this period of time, the weather outside environment change will affect the quality of cotton grade, when the temperature is too high, the seed cotton in cottonseed oil will lead to cotton, yellowing, reduce its quality level; therefore, the suitable temperature is conducive to cotton picking and smooth transaction for.
In addition, a large number of women from the town (Shahdadpur) travelled together every day to take part in cotton picking in this area.
The major residue from cotton crop is cotton sticks which is the material left after cotton picking and constitutes as much as 3 times of the cotton produced.
Inspection Panel positively rated process of reforms in labour and cotton sectors, inexistence of problems with use of child labour at cotton picking and realization of the joint programme of child labour in Uzbekistan by the Government and ILO.
Results showed that the majority of the respondents were illiterate, married, engaged in various household and agricultural activities, i.e., sowing, thinning, weeding, hoeing, harvesting and cotton picking, aimed to support their families.
The purpose of this project was to provide alternate job skills training to the youngsters in replacement of health hazard job of cotton picking in these areas.
Solomon Northup (Chiwetel Ejiofor) is an upstate New Yorker, a free man who is tricked and sold in Washington into a life of chains and cotton picking - but who retains his well-bred dignity against insurmountable odds.
He examines this history in a loosely chronological manner, though many of the chapters focus on particular industries that employed child labor, from cotton picking and milling, to mining and newspaper distribution, and therein chart their respective development.
Ministry of Textile Industry has so for trained about 400 cotton growers and field workers across the cotton growing areas of Punjab and Sindh provinces for clean cotton picking and maintaining cotton fiber quality parameters.