Santolina chamaecyparissus

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branching aromatic Mediterranean shrub with woolly stems and leaves and yellow flowers

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It is good to plant herbs next to a seat or bench and a plant with some height such as rosemary or cotton lavender is best here.
A small seating area faces a circular bed of white chrysanthemums above the santolinia cotton lavender, a striking little yellow button flower with fine leaves in star shapes.
Scabious Clive Greaves anchusa and dark blue lavenders would be set off by evening primroses and the cream pompons of cotton lavender, Santolina chaemaecyparroses Bowle's Variety.
Trim lavender, cotton lavender and curry plant lightly with shears.
The planter, provided by Parks and Open Spaces' nursery at Bradley, is filled with oregano, basil, thyme, lavender, santolina (cotton lavender), sage and silver thyme which will combine to create an aroma of the Mediter ranean.
Cotton lavender, or Santolina chamaecyparissus, is a dwarfing shrub with lovely leaves and flowers that can be trained into a small hedge.
CREATE CONTRAST USE herbs, particularly purple and variegated sage, the silver foliaged cotton lavender and sunny golden marjoram, to create a colourful patchwork of plants with aromatic leaves.
Prune silver-leafed shrubs such as the curry plant, lavender and cotton lavender, either just trimming or, if necessary, cutting straggly shoots back to six inches.
If you're an admirer of aromatic plants, there are several that combine a pungent aroma with striking silvery foliage - namely the cotton lavender and curry plants.
Among the most drought- resistant plants are those with grey foliage, such as Artemisia with silver filigree leaves, and Santolina (cotton lavender) with tiny button-like yellow flowers.
Prune shrubby herbs such as cotton lavender, bay and rue, to encourage new growth and side-shoots.
Then interweave odd rows of grey-leafed cotton lavender. Cover the soil between the rows with coloured gravel and in the centre position a huge urn and plant with seasonal bedding.
QTHERE is a straggly cotton lavender sitting at the front of my flowerbed.